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'The White Book'

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

Floor Deck Design Guide and Tables

This ‘White Book’ has been developed as a quick reference tool to be used by architects, engineers and specifiers when looking for a quick concept design for a composite slab and has been recently updated to include the new TR50 and revised R51+ profile.

Innovative User Experience!

A unique process has been developed to allow the reader to gain relevant information in a three-step process using ‘never seen before’ graphs as a visual aid to help understand what can be achieved in different scenarios. Created by our Technical duo, Jamie Turner (Technical Director) and Thom Rigden (Technical Engineer), Jamie said;

‘We wanted to create something more than just a book of numbers.  The guide helps with an understanding of the process, how to use the guide so they can gain what they are looking for’.

Client Feedback

Taking note of various technical queries that are regularly asked from clients, we have taken a view on all these problems when designing this guide.

Free, Useful Content!

This guide is an addition to a huge wealth of technical literature available from SMD further enhancing their reputation within the construction industry with free information and advice.

The White Book is available as an interactive PDF download or as an A5, pocket sized, paper book containing:

Step-by-step guidance

Maximum span limits for all SMD floor deck profiles

1, 1.5 and 2 hour fire ratings

A142, A193, A252, A393, 2xA252 and 2xA393 mesh sizes

Get a copy now!

Download 'White Book' from the following link : or call us on +35722-484002 or email us on to send you a free copy.

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