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Angastiniotes manufactures a complete range of structural Z purlins for industrial buildings, garages, verandas, and carports, in fact anywhere that strong, reliable steel framing is required. Manufactured from quality galvanized steel, this is a fully integrated system allowing for flexible design options.

Supplied plain or punched, galvanized purlins are manufactured from high tensile steel for increased strength, reduced weight, and long serviceable life.

Zed Purlins AZ152 Angastiniotes


Zet Purlin AZ203 Angastiniotes
Load/Span Table


For stock levels, minimum order quantities, and/or lead times, please contact us.

Please ensure that you request a swatch sample to view accurate colour and texture prior to specification.



Sleeves Zet Purlin AZ152 Angastiniotes

Sleeves for AZ152

Sleeves Zet Purlin AZ203 Angastiniotes

Sleeves for AZ203

Cleats for AZ152

Cleats Zet Purlin AZ152 Angastiniotes

Cleats for AZ203

Cleats Zet Purlin AZ203 Angastiniotes
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